Aug 30, 2013  CEE

Kübler Spedition crosses through city with very high oil rig components

Three modular tanks with single height of 7,30 meter moved through the German city of Saarbrücken by Kübler Spedition, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in Germany. The modules formed part of a South Korean oil rig, presently under construction.

Weighting upto 122 tons per piece the tank-modules got transported by special trailers from Dudweiler to Saarbrücken Port where loading onto two chartered Mosel River vessels took place.

Kübler’s road transport had to maneuvre a considerable distance against normal traffic direction, twice the security rails on the roads had to be crossed, a great number of traffic lights had to be dismantled and a railway tunnel with only 10 cm airdraft had to be cleared. More than 100 stop signs and cut-off trees assisted to get this transport organized safely and on time.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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