Feb 18, 2013  CEE

Kuebler Spedition fights extreme weather and delivers heavy machine to German car plant

After one year of careful planning Kuebler Spedition in Germany signed a contract to transport one of the heaviest pressing machines for a car factory in Sindelfingen. Kuebler had top present solutions for transporting upto 180 tons single pieces for this project.

Traffic signs, bridges and roundabouts had to be changed, supported, removed or created new to assure the transports to be operated safely and within the set timeframes. Special permits had been received to allow the heavy duty vehicles to move backwards on the German motorways for certain distances to avoid a complete blockage of the motorways in question.

An unforeseen blizzard delivering 5 cm of snow within 10 minutes put the complete transport to a stop for a full day, right on the motorway. The next evening and at –10 Celsius the transport could continue on the snow-cleared motorway and arrived at the final destination without further delay.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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