Feb 19, 2013  WWPC

Heavy pressure vessels from Malaysia to US jobsite at Mississippi by WWPC Duo

CNC Freight Services, Malaysia, managed the transportation of 4 units of PCD vessels and 2 units of Flare KO Drum from Malaysia up till jobsite at DeKalb, Mississippi.

The shipment of oversized pressure vessels was delivered to Kempers County IGCC site at DeKalb involving 4 over head transmission wire-crossings being de-energized during inland transportation by CNC Freight Services in combination with fellow WWPC member Albacor Shipping Inc, Houston.

The dimensions of the cargo were:
4 unit PCD Vessel – L 22.19 x W 6.53 x H 6.73 Mtr / 288.0 Mt
2 unit Flare KO Drum – L 32.24 x W 4.74 x H 5.20 Mtr / 68.0 Mt

Two separate part-charter vessels were arranged for the 6 units of vessels with a total shipping volume of 5,500 freight tons.

At Mobile port, WWPC USA member Albacor Shipping arranged for the cargo to be received by barges and delivered via Mississippi river in order to bypass all the fixed obstructions from Mobile to DeKalb.

The PCD vessels were transported from the RORO jetty using double-wide multi-axles trailer. Four overhead electric wire crossings had to be ‘de-energized’ in order for the PCD vessel to pass through.

Through the careful supervision and close coordination between CNC personnel and Albacor who were on site for the delivery, all the cargoes were handed over smoothly to the project owner without any problem. The final unit of PCD vessel was delivered to DeKalb site on Jan 24, 2013.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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