Feb 20, 2013  CEE

Steder Group Djibouti transports heavy power plant parts through Ethiopia

Steder Group FZCO Djibouti completed the delivery of large TBM equipment from Djibouti to the Ethiopian Inlands Hydro Power Plant.

Cargo details:
1x TBM – 563 x 537 x 220 cm – 110.000 kg
2x TBM Gripper – 733 x 425 x 306 cm – 76.954 kg each

Utilizing their own equipment, Steder Group Djibouti took direct delivery of the heavy cargo onto their trailers in the port of Djibouti from a chartered HL vessel. From there the voyage upto Genale Dawe Hydro Power project site began, covering a total distance of approx. 1500 km through the picturesque countryside of Ethiopia.

The trip took 14 days to arrive at site. At some parts assistance was required from a bulldozer to prepare roads for the heavy loads. At certain parts, only 25 km’s distance per day could be managed only due poor road conditions.

The destination jobsite is a hydropower project in Ethiopia and is located in the southeast of the Capital Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa). The road distance from the capital is 700km. The power plant will be built in the Genale Dawa River Basin on Genale River. The project is located at southern Ethiopia, about 80km away from Somali’s Liben Area of Negele town. Genale River is on the upstream of Juba River, which is located in Ethiopia. The proposed GD-3 and GD-6 dam site are located in Genale river middle reaches, GD-6 power station is the 82km at the downstream of GD-3.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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