Feb 20, 2012  CEE

Nurminen Logistics transports former mine sweeper vessel overland in winter Finland

In January 2012, Nurminen Logistics transported a 37 meters long former minesweeper in Finland, from Tampere to Pori harbor, by road.

Although the distance was only 124 kilometers, it took the transporting team a total of 28 hours to reach its destination port, due to the massive total dimensions of the transport: 44 meters of length, 6,6 meters wide and total height was measured to be exactly 8,2 meters. The total weight of this transport was 206,5 tons.

With these dimensions the transport by road is not exactly a piece of cake, not to mention the typical Finnish weather in January which added some extra challenge for the team.

The route had to be carefully checked in advance, all obstacles had to be either evaded or removed, the electricity had to be switched off from the power cords when the transport took place.

The equipment used in this transport was a 680hp turbine-driven 4-axle MAN truck, with a Goldhofer 10-axle modular trailer.

The boat is now known as Guardboat 55, although her earlier history is as a minesweeper for the Navy. In the near history, since 2005 the boat has served as a cruise boat on lake Näsijärvi in Tampere. After a few months, in the summer of 2012 the boat will continue her career as a cruise boat, this time again back at sea, in Helsinki.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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