Feb 16, 2012  WWPC

Complex multi-modal boiler transportation through tough winter conditions in Europe

Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D. has completed the delivery of a big boiler measuring 16.16 / 3.60 / 3.84 m and with a weight of 83 tons. The boiler was transported from Bucharest, Romania to Rousse, Bulgaria and reloaded onto a vessel for transport to Germany.

In Deggendorf, Germany the boiler was transshipped again onto a truck which reached the port of Aken where it is waiting for improvement of the weather and re-opening of the navigation on the river Elbe for further river transportation to its final destination in Berlin.

The transport, accompanied by police escorts, faced several challenges already – low water on the Danube river, snowstorms, multiple removal of obstacles enroute to clear way for the transport. In addition very sensitive handling with hired mobile and floating cranes completed the transport design, operated by Holleman Bulgaria.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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