May 22, 2012  CEE

SCHOLPP from Germany relocated and installed production lines to China

Changchun is one of the most important industrial cities in the north of China. The first truck to be built entirely in China was produced there back in 1956 and still today, automotive manufacturers, steel works and metal-processing industries dictate the economic fortunes of the city. SCHOLPP has relocated the complete manufacturing facility of the German automotive supplier ElringKlinger to a newly built factory in Changchun. At the same time, they added a coating plant from Canada and together with a team of piping and electrical engineers they also installed all the machine connections, from the main cabling in the roof down to the equipment.

SCHOLPP China sent two supervisors to oversee the dismantling of the plant in Leamington/Canada, who were also responsible for ensuring safe transportation. The seaworthy packaging of the equipment was carried out in collaboration with a Canadian company. Once installed in China, 150 further machines were added to the plant from Canada, which, over the course of three months, were relocated by SCHOLPP to the new factory, some eight kilometres away from the old production facility. Through the precision with which they worked, the 24 Chinese SCHOLPP employees involved, underlined the good reputation that the company enjoys for its reliability and its high technical standards. This was confirmed by Günther Schrade, the Production Director at ElringKlinger and the man responsible for the relocation: “Without the 100% commitment shown by everyone, we would not have managed to complete the move in the time and to such a high standard!”

Immediately after the project in China, SCHOLPP were able to assist with another cross-border project, enabling ElringKlinger to restart production again at a different site, within a very short time. This time it was the relocation of a cylinder head manufacturing facility from Geretsried-Gelting in Upper Bavaria to Nantiat, some 1,000 kilometres away in the centre of France.

The project was started at the end of February and just five weeks later it was complete, in spite of space being at a premium and the fact that production had to continue while equipment was being dismantled and reassembled. But that is exactly what Total Solution Companies like SCHOLPP are there for.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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