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Worldwide Project Consortium prepares for the 14th Annual Conference in Phuket

Members, invited sponsors and supporting media will gather during 14th-16th March in Phuket, Thailand for this years membership conference of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC). Starting with an evening reception and followed by two days of conference with sponsor and new member presentations, the 80+ attendees will also have time for one-to-one meetings to explore new business opportunities and gain latest news about the global project cargo business.

These conferences are always a highlight of the year for the members and the network is thankful, proud and honored to count on the support of sponsorship for this event from top class shipowners, air carriers and the networks members: Rickmers Linie, Hansa Heavy Lift, Ruslan International, Atlas Air, BNSF Logistics, USA and Leo Global Logistics, Thailand.

Each year the networks members vote for a different venue and date for the forthcoming next years conference and Phuket was the winner of such vote during the past years conference in Prague.

The Worldwide Project Consortium will continue its established tradition to support local charities for children in need by arranging an auction, during which sponsor gifts and items of interest will be used to achieve much needed financial support for the selected charity.

In Phuket the Hanseatic School for Life project north of Phuket has been choosen as beneficiary for this years auction www.hsfl.net/englische-version.html

Past conferences for the network had been held in Brussels, Hongkong, Lisbon, Istanbul, Cancun, Cartagena (Columbia), Cape Town, Dubai, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Prague.

International trade media is represented in Phuket by editorial staff of: Heavylift Project & Forwarding International and International Transport Journal.



The latest WWPC conference in Prague, May 2013


Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC is the leading franchise/membership network for professional project cargo freight forwarders with country/area exclusivity.
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