Aug 20, 2013  WWPC

Aaras Shipping Agencies news of mega event in the month of July, 2013

Aaras Shipping Agencies (PVT) Ltd., WWPC member for Pakistan and Afghanistan, handled three vessels “Xiang Guimen”, “Hong Prosperity” and “M.V. Se Pelagica” simultaneously in the month of July, 2013, carrying cargo for oil & gas industry including “Design Fabrication, Supply and Commissioning of Amine Sweetening Unit (Complete Amine Unit with Acid Gas Flare System and D-Min water system) and Hot Rolled H-Beam and other equipments”, “Heavy Equipments and Vehicles including Coils, Hot Tolled Steel Sheets, Loaders, Excavators, Breaking Hammers, Dump Trucks, Mixer Trucks and Garbage Trucks” and “Equipment & Units for Oil & Gas Processing and Steel Billets”, respectively, with total 6093 packages of about total weight of 39943.12 M/tons.

Aaras said: “The vessels were handled under our agency and we provided stevedoring for the vessels and unloaded the cargo from the vessel. The complete process of discharging was commenced by our own discharging equipments by our trained labor and under the supervision of our technical team, who looked after every minute of the discharging. The discharging of the cargo from all three vessels was completed with average of approximately 48 hours.

We stacked the cargo at port area and then loaded it on our transporting units to move the whole lot of cargo from port to our warehouse, so that the consignees may take delivery of the same. We also provided transportation services for the cargo of Vessel M.V. Se Pelagica till site. Some of the consignees of the cargo have also nominated our associate Clearing Agents “M/s. Aaras International” for Custom Clearance and Transportation till jobsite.”

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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