Aug 23, 2013  CEE

InterMax from China shipped 200 hopper railcars to Puerto Ordaz in Venezuela

InterMax Logistics Solution Ltd, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in China, was honorably appointed by CSR Meishan Co., Ltd to deliver 200 hopper railcars to Venezuela. CSR is a competitive enterprise which produces and manages high-speed, heavy load, special railway vehicles and brakes in China with factory locates in Siuchuan.

Puerto Ordaz is one of the inland port in Venezuela locates in the Northeast Venezuela, on the south shoreside of intersection of Orinoco river downstreamand Caroni river. It is the largest Iron ore export port in Venezuela. There are 2 main berths in the port, the shoreline is 574 m long and the depth is 12.4 m. There is almost no ocean liner service as it is an inland port with limited channel access.

The first lot of 140 railcars was delivered to Shanghai Terminal, lashing and securing was carried out, the railcars were loaded onto a chartered vessel within two days and shipped out in July 2013. The second lot was shipped out in August 2013 and was loaded within one day.

The requirements of loading the hopper railcars were ‘under-deck and non-stackable’ which limited the opportunity in finding suitable ocean vessels. During the whole operation, the staff of InterMax actively coordinated each party to ensure this cargo got loaded and shipped smoothly and successfully.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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