Apr 7, 2014  CEE WWPC

Almajdouie busy in Saudi Arabia with heavy transportations

Almajdouie Logistics (MLC), member to Cargo Equipment Experts CEE and the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for Saudi Arabia, secured a job of Door-to Door transportation from one of their reputed clients, SK Engineering, who are the lead EPC for Wasit Gas Plant located around 80 kms north of Jubail. SK Engineering, had placed an order of fabricating 4 units of AGR contractor to Zamil-Rabigh and 4 units of AGR Solvent Filter to Zamil-Jeddah.

AGR contractor:

Massive 4 units with dimensions of 56.91 x 8.19 x 7.9M (LWH) weighing 1394 metric ton, each not possible to move by road due to its weight & dimensions, hence, they were transported from Zamil-Rabigh fabrication shop using 36*2 SPMT trailers (72 axle lines) to Rabigh jetty, whereby rolled-on to a charter barge sailed to Jubail. After safe roll-off & instant customs clearance the cargo was safely delivered to Wasit job site. Certainly the journey indeed needed lots of surveys, permissions, obstacle removal etc., but with professional approach could make it possible & deliver to job site on time.

AGR Solvent Filters:

4 additional units of AGR-SF with dimensions of 20.0 x 9.0 x 9.4 M (LWH) weighing 281 ton each were fabricated at Zamil Jeddah, and due to its extraordinary dimensions, it was a challenge to transport by road, hence decided to go for a sea freight from Jeddah or Yanbu to Jubail. But upon conducting a thorough route survey Almajdouies team didn’t approve moving to Jeddah or Yanbu port. However, they decided on an alternate route to move thru Rabigh Jetty by hiring a charter barge. During the journey from Jeddah to Rabigh, the team had identified many of the obstacle removal & route improvements. In addition the Ministry of Transport had objected at several points, but by using technical skills Almajdouies experts persuaded authorities & finally moved all 4 units with prior approvals. Upon reaching Jubail Industrial port, instant customs clearance was done and the cargo was moved to MLC lay down area as the site was not ready to receive.The units got delivered later at the convenience of the client.



Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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