Jan 20, 2016  CEE WWPC

Almajdouie overcomes nature’s challenges

Almajdouie Logistics Company (MLC), member to the Worldwide Consortium WWPC and Cargo Equipment Experts CEE in Saudi Arabia, had a challenge of moving 34 heavy and oversize units by road from Jazan Port to Jazan Economic City covering a distance of 140 km.

The challenge was to cross heavy loads weighing up to 500 tons; taking into consideration the geographical conditions of Jazan city, which is covered with canals, and the limited over bridges capacity (max 100 ton). MLC Engineers conducted thorough survey and studied various options and concluded to build asphalted bypasses over 8 live canals and cross bridges during the pleasant weather conditions. However, nature has its own call; the tropical typhoon of Yemen splashed unexpected rains at Jazan exactly on the scheduled day of crossing pypasses, threatening the move of overflowing water on bypasses. But the determination and the confidence of MLC team didn’t stop them; units had to wait at the bypasses until the gradual slowdown of water flow and were moved on the asphalted bypasses to deliver 20 units so far. Operation will continue till completion of all units to meet the delivery schedule as per client requirements.

On this occasion of overwhelming performance of MLC Mr. Baheej, the newly appointed CEO expressed his gratitude to the team’s professionalism. He also flagged off the new fleet of K25 brand 72 axle lines of Scheuerle Germany to meet the growing demand of customers in KSA and the GCC, emphasising the company’s mission to own, operate and integrate its resources reaching a wider client base with diversified services.


Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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