Nov 7, 2012  WWPC

Denholm Global Logistics busy with heavies from the UK to Brazil and USA

Denholm Global Logistics, member to the WWPC for the United Kingdom, recently moved 2 x 155ton steel rolls ex Immingham to Rio de Janeiro.

Denholms part chartered the HHL Mississippi in order to move 2 x 155ton steel rolls ex UK to Rio. These type of cargoes would normally move via Antwerp but a favourable itinerary meant the 13,000 tonnes Heavy Lift HHL vessel was able to make the direct call into Immingham. The heavy steel rolls are part of an ongoing project handled by Denholms for Siemens Metals Technologies, UK.

In another remarkable project Denholm Global Logistics arranged for the move of 2 x 315ton and 1 x 170ton steel housings ex Sheffield to Goole.

Denholms, together with their partners Collett Transport from the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network, moved 3 heavy steel castings ex Sheffield to Goole for loading to the coaster vessel ‘Wilson Maas‘. The pieces were under way to Rotterdam for onwarding to USA. The weight of the pieces and subsequent road restrictions meant they had to be moved over a 5 day period and the lack of port facilities necessitated the hiring a of 1200 tonne mobile crane to handle these significant pieces.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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