Aug 3, 2015  WWPC

Farming equipment from China to Georgia by Globalink

Globalink Logistics Group, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Kazakhstan, and the company’s Road and Rail Freight Divisions are renowned for multimodal transportation of containerized, breakbulk, heavy and oversized cargoes on Trans-Asia-Caucasus Routes that connects China – Central Asia to Caucasus Region overland.

Globalink is closely working with major Chinese manufacturers of mining and farming equipment for their distribution and end-to-end logistics through the CIS regions. The company’s Road Freight division recently mobilized immense volumes of agricultural equipment from China to Georgia on door to door basis. The cargo was of breakbulk nature and had to be collected from various manufacturing facilities in China.

Globalink swiftly arranged all origin handling including packing, loading, lashing and delivery of farming equipment to Globalink owned Terminal on the Kazakh – Chinese border “Khorghos” in record time.
Globalinks experts arranged the transshipment and the second leg of long journey from Khorghos, Kazakhstan to Tbilisi, Georgia – Just on Time.

Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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