Aug 3, 2015  WWPC

Mortrans gets wind towers to Murmansk

Mortrans Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium in Russia, coordinated the transport of 14 Vestas V39 wind turbine components from Werdum, Germany to Kola in the Murmansk region of Russia.

The consignment included the nacelle, hub, blades, tower sections and foundation rings, and weighed 58.2 tonnes.

From the manufacturer’s site in Werdum, Germany the outsized shipment was transported by special haulage to the port of Lübeck. On arrival at the Lubeck port, the cargo was transferred onto Mafi trailers for the ocean transport to St. Petersburg, Russia by a ro-ro vessel.

At the Russian hub, Mortrans arranged the required customs formalities and the cargo was discharged and loaded onto heavy-duty trailers for the transport to the installation site on Kola’s Solovaraka hill.

Oleg Prokoshev, deputy director of Mortrans, said:
“This was a particularly important project for the company due to the limited number of wind farms in Russia and the lack of experience in transporting such cargoes. Nuclear power stations, as well as gas, coal and hydropower plants are still the most common here,” said Prokoshev. “So this was a very interesting and useful project for us.”

Later this year Mortrans will assist the installation of the V39 turbine at the Kola plant, mobilizing a 200-tonne lifting capacity mobile crane for that task.

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Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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