Aug 12, 2015  WWPC

Greek project specialist moves equipment for two complex power plants in Aegean Sea

Delta Maritime, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Greece, managed the transportation of urgently required electrical power equipment for the fellow WWPC member Steder Group from the Netherlands.

The first temporal power project is in Rhodos Island for which were installed 20 x diesel generators, 6 x transformers, 4 x fuel tanks and 12 x 20′ containers with accessories and cables. Transportation of this equipment had to overcome many challenges on roads by trucks, sea voyages by ferries and custom authorities. The site produces 15 Megawatt of electricity to reinforce the local power grid during summer season.

The second power project takes place on Kos Island (installed 5 MW) for which urgent delivery of part of the equipment from Rhodos was required. At the Kos site 7 x diesel generators, 1 x transformers, 1 x fuel tank and 5 x 20′ containers with accessories got installed within two days from receipt of the customer’s order.

The islands of Rhodos and Kos are well visited summer holiday locations in the Greece. Being a greek project forwarder DELTA Maritime continues business as usual overcoming the difficult financial circumstances in their country.


Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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