Aug 13, 2015  CEE WWPC

Steder Group Djibouti completes transformer project in Ethiopia

Steder Group Djibouti, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) and Cargo Equipment Experts CEE networks for Djibouti, recently completed a challenging transformer project. The project consisted out of 4 transformers, each 98.000 kg and 2 transformers, each 117.000 kg, the last ones with a height of 520 cm.

Steder Group took delivery of the transformers in Djibouti port. Destination in Ethiopia was Gebre Guracho and Chancho, both approx. 1050 km from Djibouti Port.

The conditions were extremely tough – on one side due to cargo height of 520 cm, which require taking bypass roads and electricity cable lifting. Secondly because of the rain season, which caused especially the gravel roads to become flooded and slippery. At times, graders and or dozers had to be used to pass.
Also conditions on jobsite, were heavily influenced by the rain, so the team had to improvise in order to safely complete execution.

At the end all 6 transformers got safely installed onto foundation and all shockrecorders showing “green” lights!

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