Sep 11, 2012  WWPC

Mortrans manages demanding movement of patrol boats from Russia to South-East Asia

During October 2011 and August 2012 Mortrans Ltd., member to the WWPC in Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, completed the shipment of 4 patrol-boats from two loading ports in Russia to the same destination port in South-East Asia. Delivery was performed in 2 stages; 2 patrol-boats were shipped from Saint-Petersburg port, and 2 patrol-boats from Vladivostok port.

Dimensions of each patrol-boat: 50,00 x 9,40 x 17,50 m, each weight – 320 mts.

Mortrans Ltd. performed the following scope of works:

  • engineering,
  • make up / elaboration of lashing and transportation project,
  • intraport forwarding and transit customs formalities,
  • stevedoring in and out ship (loading, lashing, discharging and supervision),
  • chartering of specialized FLOW-FLOW tonnage.

Mortrans Ltd. commenced preparation for the shipment some 1½ – 2 years before despatch and their method was a major contributor to the success of the venture coupled with the dedication and professionalism shown by the Mortrans staff.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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