Jul 4, 2016  WWPC

Petrasco charter loaded in record time

Petrasco Energy Logistics Dubai, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), was called upon by a key client to provide a solution when an urgent oceanfreight shipment became critical before it had even been delivered to Dubai port.

The shipment of oilfield equipment which was destined for Algeria consisted of 1 x 20′ shippers own container and 1 x flushing unit which was the equivalent size of 1 x 20′ high cube container. Totaling almost 20 tonnes the search was started immediately to locate the right aircraft type that could uplift the cargo.

Part of the challenge for Petrasco was to locate the correct aircraft type (IL76TD) and ensure that flight permits could be obtained during the reduced working hours of Ramadan to ensure arrival in country as quickly as possible and on budget.

Alan Green, General Manager – Petrasco Energy, Commercial says, “Our relationships with the carriers and local authorities combined with our experience in oil and gas project logistics market meant we were able to provide a rapid and commercially viable solution to our customer within a matter of hours. Our operational and commercial departments worked tirelessly to ensure we exceeded our customer’s expectations by delivering this cargo ahead of schedule”.



Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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