Oct 14, 2019  WWPC

Wangfoong Transportation assists derailed trains in Hong Kong


After having received a request for urgent assistance to derailed MTR trains, the experts from Wangfoong Transportation Limited, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium in Hong Kong, was entrusted to manage the following project:

  • Commodity: Trains
  • Cargo dimension: approximately 25m length, 40 tons each, total 3 units
  • Incident date: 17 September 2019

Scope of work:

  • Assist in rescue and reposition three units of derailed trains came off the tracks during office hours in the Morning
  • Urgent call to Road Management Office (RMO) of Hong Kong Police Force in Hong Kong for escort arrangement to mobilize Liebherr 500t Telescopic Mobile Cranes from the crane yard to incident site within 2 hours in daytime
  • Provide full heavy lift equipment including 500t Telescopic Mobile Crane with telescopic boom of fly-jib extension, 135t counterbalance each, lifting tools, number of trucks with cranes attachments
  • Provision of two units of 500t Telescopic Mobile Cranes to execute the lifting at the site
  • Provide full professional team with team leader, experienced signalman, and riggering team
  • Reposition three units of derailed trains in daytime until midnight, in order to clear the site and resume normal train services
  • Escorting service within whole routing and incident areas

Most challenging was to coordinate with different authorities within short time to get green lights and be ready with full team and mobilize necessary equipment for the rescue during morning rush hours.

Wangfoong managed to provide lifting method at the site, supervise the whole lifting and avoid overhead cables and gantry, perform lifting smoothly for the derailed trains with tandem liftings using two units of 500t mobile cranes and team. After more than 17 hours of rescue, the three derailed trains were put back onto the tracks, and parts of the train services resumed after the incident.

About the news (credit to SCMP):

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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