May 29, 2012  WWPC

WWPC exhibited at Break Bulk Exhibition in Antwerp

The European Break Bulk Exhibition in Antwerp was another successful event for the WWPC.

After having experienced likewise favorable interest and support for the WWPC network from various players in heavy cargo forwarding during the Intermodal fair in Sao Paulo one month before, we exhibited in Antwerp and again enjoyed an overwhelming interest for our activities. Our WWPC booth staff had all hands full to deliver requested information about the network and its membership companies to the many visitors on both days of the exhibition.

The network has existed fourteen years now and the WWPC management is convinced this type of network, offering exlusivity per country/region, deliveres an important and popular tool for buyers of heavy cargo forwarding services, enabling them to locate and identify the right forwarding specialists for individual complicated movements in a global scale and at the same time elevates the membership companies services to a global level of recognition.

Our booth staff was proud to represent a brand that is recognized all over the globe for the outstanding quality of its members.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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