May 29, 2012  CEE

Steder Group handled ‘The Biggest Mouth Ever’ from Peru to The Netherlands

Steder Group b.v., Dutch member to the CEE, recently handled the transport of the headline making constructed ‘Biggest Mouth Ever’ from Lima, Peru to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2008, in the Peruvian desert, palaentologists from the natural history museums of Rotterdam, Lima, Brussels, Pisa and Paris discovered the 12-13 million years old remains of a sea monster with a skull of over three metres and a huge bite with 40 teeth. The entire animal must have been 13-18 metres long and had teeth of up to 36 centimeters length.

Experts were astonished: This is the biggest mouth ever! The official name of this Peruvian predatory sperm whale is Livyatan melvillei (Lambert et al.2010).

A lifelike reconstruction of the skull, made by the Historical Museum of Lima, was shipped from Peru to Rotterdam for exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

For Steder Group, sponsoring the entire transport Lima-Rotterdam of ‘The Biggest Mouth Ever’, including hoisting the skull into the museum, was definetely a Transport Exceptional.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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