Apr 8, 2013  CEE

Compressor stations from Germany to Russia by V. Alexander

V. Alexander, Germany, have just executed a smaller, but very challenging project for approx. 1.500 freight tons of compressor stations from various loading places in Germany to the Russian city of Izhevsk, some 3.500 km south-east of Germany.

The biggest units were weighing 39 tons. The weight and dimensions were not so much the challenge this time, however, there were plenty of others:

the final Russian receiver was a military-base and a lot of extras were required such as block-customs-clearance, extremely precise pre-notices about arrival of trucks, names of drivers, id-documents of drivers, custom’s convoy on Russian territory and so on. On a distance of 3.500 km of course this was not so easy to be organized ‘just in time’, especially since the trucks also had to overcome extreme winter-conditions on a number of roads in Russia.

But at the end of the day V. Alexander mastered all these challenges 100% in close co-operation with the staff from the V. Alexander-office in St. Petersburg. Finally, the V.Alexander-Germany-surveyor flew out to Izhevsk and did the professional survey in Russia for both the seller and the buyer – and all was in good order and condition.

The total number of loads used in this project engaged 27 trucks incl. 2 special transports.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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