Sep 8, 2017  WWPC

General Transport transporting biggest motor ever built from GE factory in Peterborough, Canada since its opening in 1892

WWPC partners General Transport, Switzerland and BNSF Logistics Canada have successfully transported the largest motor from the General Electrics (GE) factory in Peterborough to the Port of Oshawa, Ontario.

The transport included extended road permit applications up to six months, bridge surveys and special traffic management plans with lifting overhead power lines. The road transport permits had been worked out over a period of five months due this cargo being classified as a Super Load.

At the Port of Oshawa the shipment was loaded onto the heavy lift vessel M/V HR Constellation and delivered to Point Comfort, Texas.

In Point Comfort the delivery to the Refinery was executed precisely as per the clients requirement.

The shipment of Hyper Stator and Rotor had a weight of 108 tons and dimensions of 8.06 x 4.64 x 5.82 m respectively 130,68 tons and dimensions of 10.21 x 4.43 x 4.45 m.

Both items where packed into wooden boxes for safe transportation.

Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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