Aug 15, 2019  WWPC

Greek project experts in moves to France and UK

Multi-modal transport from Greece to France

Cosmatos Group, member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Greece, was nominated for the transport of refinery equipment from Greece to BUTACHIMIE refinery in Chalampe, France.

The complete shipment consisted of 19 drums with a total weight of 265 tons and a total volume of 1700 cbm.

  • 5 units were loaded on two standard trailers for delivery to Chalampe
  • 8 OOG units were loaded on four semi and low bed trailers for delivery to Chalampe
  • 6 OOG units were used for the on-carriage to Thessaloniki port and loaded directly on a part chartered vessel with destination the port of Rotterdam. Upon arrival, they were stored at port terminal and then loaded on a barge for river transport to Ottmarsheim pier until the final delivery by road to the refinery.

The largest unit by direct road transport: 13.5 x 3.16 x 4.04 m, weight 16 tons.
The largest unit for transport via sea & river: 9.4 x 4.6 x 5.5 m, weight 35 tons.

The Cosmatos Project team played the key role in all loading and discharging coordination in order to ensure that all steps were followed and completed.

The whole project was concluded as per contract and within the agreed delivery time frame and cost, despite the fact that part of the transport was a partial shipment for sea vessel, as well as that three modes of transport (road/sea/river) were used for the cargo to reach its destination.

Trench machine from Greece to UK – Star Trek resemblance?

For another project Cosmatos Group loaded in Eleusis a multi-functional pre-trenching plough SMD 150 TN on M/V DEO VOLENTE for ocean transport to the United Kingdom.

The machine weighed 54 tons with dimensions 18 x 8,5 x 6,1 m and had a volume of around 900 cbm.

The Cosmatos team arranged for the loading at the port, chartering of the ship, as well as the delivery via liner out under hook.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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